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Thursday, March 25, 2010

So, last night as I was rushing to finish up my feature for an EST deadline, we had some unexpected guests over, one of whom is a former stuntman/pyrotechnician. As the discussion turned to Vic Morrow's untimely death and a film on which our lovely guest received second degree burns to his EYES, I couldn't help but think about how fucking amazing stunt men are.

Just look at the work of Grant Page and the many unheralded men of John Woo's Hong Kong films. Unbelievable skills!

Every year come Oscar season there's hot debate as to whether stunt people should receive their own awards category. And while sadly due to the ever litigious nature of the film industry, coupled with the advent of far-safer CG effects, stunts don't feature as prominently as they once did, it blows my mind how little recognition these guys (and lovely ladies) received even in their heyday.

So for what it's worth, tonight I will pop open a non-alcoholic beverage for you, cinematic daredevils. And for you Internet denizens who might not be familiar with the stuntmen of yore, here are two videos of the late badass Arnim Dahl to whet your whistle:

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