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Friday, January 29, 2010

Oekaki: 2003 Edition

So, one reason I've reactivated this blog is in a hopeful effort to consolidate my many abandoned social networking profiles into one stream. Geocities and AOL have done much of that for me as they've both recently shut down their services and deleted all remaining content. Can't say I'm sad to see all the rotating skull GIFS and tiled image backgrounds go, unfortunately.

One of the pages I've meant to shed for years is DeviantArt, and while it took me 6 hours to do, I've finally rid myself of it! Hooray! While cleaning out the attic so to speak I found both endearing and embarrassing high school relics, a few of which I'll share with you below.

These 4 images started life on some ancient oekaki board I've since forgotten the name of. It's hard for me to believe that images I drew SEVEN years ago were ever up online, but I know for a fact I have shitty art going back to 2001 1999 floating somewhere in the e-ther. Anyway, enjoy!

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