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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Those Coney Island Pilots

I love Empire of the Sun. Certainly in my top 10 favorite films. In my opinion Spielberg's best film, with Jurassic Park.

One of the very best things about EOTS is that Tom Stoppard wrote the screenplay, which is a faithful adaptation of J.G. Ballard's wonderful and semi-autobiographical novel of the same name. "Those Coney Island pilots!" is a line that exemplifies Stoppard's succinct yet all-inclusive writing ability. Even if you don't know what that line means, you know what it means when it's said, or shouted as it were when John Malkovitch watches clunky US Bombers level the airfield opposite the Chinese Internment Camp where he's a prisoner. Great stuff. (And for that I'm willing to ignore the"rewrite" he supposedly did on Revenge of the Sith!)

In August I brought my camera down to Coney Island a few times to take some photos -- just in case -- as many have been doing this summer and the last. With Astroland gone now for sure, I thought people might like to see some of the shots in case they never got to visit. (City landmarks The Cyclone and The Wonder Wheel will be staying for sure, and Deno's, and likely the majority of other joints on the boardwalk.)

Nathan's isn't going anywhere either, but it's the first (and most delicious) sign to greet you off the train.

The Wonder Wheel. It's thrilling and wonderful...

It's also 80 years old! But still holds up.

For everyone at NYU who laments not going to school in sunny LA, I got news for you.
There's a beach in your own back yard! (view from Wonder Wheel)

Every Friday night during the summer there's a massive fireworks show on the beach.

The best parts of New York are timeless.

The Warriors could stroll through at any moment.

The Cyclone & rear of Astroland.

Last day of summer.

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