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Monday, December 15, 2008

Beethoven rocks.

Now, I don't just fancy Ludwig Van because of his prominence in A Clockwork Orange, nor is it deceptively fond memories of grade school chapel service. No, Beethoven is awesome because he's a talented, emotional, visceral composer. In layman's terms, he's pretty darn cool.

Unlike many other classical composers, or even Romantic composers, Beethoven has a distinctive, raw sound. His compositions abound with strikingly memorable licks, if you will, dark thesis he polishes and lays down, hammering away on his piano with no doubt or hesitation in his melodies. He knows his writing is great, and he doesn't feel the need to ham it up with frills or extraneous riffs.

His works are rife with energy, and speak to a wider audience than contemporaries that seem to have an aristocratic air to their compositions. Beethoven uses the piano especially to its fullest potential in both speed and depth of sound. He knew when to contrast somber tones with light, intense instrumentation with delicate, speed with tension, all to build towards a heightened emotional climax.

Much of this depth would seem to be his personality showing through his works, as with most artists. It's his style. Beethoven was a somewhat reclusive, quiet, serious man with a "strength of personality" that drew him few but devoted friends. He had a disdain for undeserved authority and social niceties, and usually steered clear of romantic entanglements. (Sounding familiar yet?)

He also had pretty rocking hair.

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